Choreography & education


All types of production choreography undertaken from full musicals to individual routines. Resident choreographer for Spa Theatre Company.


IntaDance has provided extra curricular activity for local schools/clubs via Warwickshire Schools Sports Partnership and Sainsburys Active Kids including the following:
Acorns Long Compton / Temple Herdwyke / Wellesbourne / Kineton / Ettington / Hampton Lucy / Brownies and Guides

GCSE Dance at the following High Schools
Kineton High School / Studley High School

GCSE Dance

This course enables students to develop skills, knowledge and understanding of performance, safe dance practice, choreography and critical appreciation. If you enjoy dancing and love being creative then this is the course for you, and whilst having fun earn yourself another GCSE!

Please contact IntaDance for details of when the next course starts.


Students have the opportunity, and are encouraged, to gain amateur and professional qualifications through the IDTA by demonstrating the skills they have learnt in front of an external examiner, and we are very proud of our 100% pass rate record, with most students gaining 80% and above. Exams are usually held twice a year at IntaDance Studio.

Exam fees are due on the day of the exam and are non refundable. When entered for an examination, students will be expected to attend a few extra classes and will be charged accordingly. We hold an exam rehearsal (generally 1 or 2 weeks prior to the exam date) which all candidates must attend. Again, an appropriate fee will be charged to cover the costs of all staff.

All students must have the full correct uniform for all exams, and must be well presented to the appropriate standard. Suitable foundation wear is to be worn and make up, nail varnish and jewellery is not permitted. All examinations are conducted by an IDTA Examiner and no teacher is present in the room. Successful students receive an IDTA report, certificate and appropriate award a few weeks later.